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Study on 2cor 6:3-10

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3We put no stumbling block in anyone’s path, so that our ministry will not be discredited. 4Rather, as servants of God we commend ourselves in every way: in great endurance; in troubles, hardships and distresses; 5in beatings, imprisonments and riots; in hard work, sleepless nights and hunger; 6in purity, understanding, patience and kindness; in the Holy Spirit and in sincere love; 7in truthful speech and in the power of God; with weapons of righteousness in the right hand and in the left; 8through glory and dishonor, bad report and good report; genuine, yet regarded as impostors; 9known, yet regarded as unknown; dying, and yet we live on; beaten, and yet not killed; 10sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.

Topic 1 stumbling block

As Christians we have an issue with making wrong choices sometimes these choices can effect the way people perceive us especially those of the world.   We have people constantly watching us waiting for us to make a mistake so they can say Christianity is wrong.  Paul talks in verse three about not putting stumbling blocks in anyone’s path.  If you had a friend who is fresh off of being an alcoholic and you decided to go out for a drink with him to talk to him and toy meet in a bar even just to drink soda.   Chances are that person will think about drinking again what then can you say that you have done yes you have caused them to fall.

See this kind of thing is what Paul was trying to talk about in second Corinthians by making little mistakes we can discredit the ministry that people long before us have worked so hard to make into what  we are now.  God wants our church to prosper jer 29 says in verse ten that 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  This clearly shows us that God wants our ministry to succeed and not fail so the only reason that it could possibly fail is if we made it happen.   This is why we need to keep up the image of the church because  people see God when they look at us and if God was getting drunk and making sexual jokes he wouldn’t be that pleasant for people to be around.

There is a reason the bible says we were created in the image of God its cause we are the image of God.  To this world we are an extension of the arms of God.   When people see us its how the perceive God.   This perception has caused wars has shaped nations and sparked some of the most ingenious conversations about theology and God.  It is for this reason that we need to be careful and make sure we are showing the kind of God to the world that we believe.  We can truly see the most incredible God and the world will never no that God until we begin to shine and show the reality that we know.

“Our reality must change before god can use us to Change the world around us”

Topic number two commending ourselves in every way

When we start to change our reality things will start to change we will have to face all things as though God is our provider.  This simply means we need to give up a little bit of our control.  See in verse two it talks about commending our selves see to commend our lives to God is to entrust our lives to God for care and preservation. So in this since we are literally entrusting our whole lives to God everyday and letting him have his say.  This can be so hard given the fact we are taught control our whole lives.  See having control is not all that bad but God wants to use us and if we want to be used it means giving up a little bit of our selves for the use of God.

We have free will that God has given us at the point when we come to know God personally it is altered cause then we accept the reality that we are not alone and for better we give our hearts to God.  He wants our hearts our minds everything he wants to make us better but he can only do that if we let him.  In this new found reality it becomes easier to give him glory which is another definition for commend.  We will truly be able to never leave his side in the good times and the bad because he is constantly telling us that we are going to make it.  He is saying this cause he designed us to function with a purpose while here on this earth.   See we truly aren’t meant just to occupy a little hole here on earth called our lives we are truly meant to do incredible things.

We can get so caught up in the little things that we forget to commit ourselves to one goal to have a plan has become so rare that we no longer understand how to follow our dreams.   If you have ever watched a movie that inspired you in a great way you know the feeling you get inside that makes you want to do more.   Well what are you waiting for God has given you the go ahead by giving you the dream so now its time to live it.  As you step into the plan God has for you I promise you that you will never be happier then you are in that plan.  My plan is to be a pastor someday but if I never reed my bible or make any plans to get to my goal it is not going to amount to a hill of beans.

Even the world says to seize every moment and make every second count.  So why havent Gods people caught onto it yet what world are we living in or is it simply that we discard the notion cause it sounds just like every day wisdom we are suppose to make the days count before the lord returns I refuse to be sixty years of age and not be a pastor yet its not going to be my path.  I’ve learned that God can have the best plan for our lives but we can make choices to effect where that path can go.  We need to start it today even if its just setting an example for others to follow if that your ministry then set the best example ever.  What do you want people to remember you by a man or woman who is shy and a detestable person.  Or do you want to be a person who sets an example in purity in the relationships they have and the love that they have for others.

“In the end of our lives what we became can not be blamed on our parents or anyone else but ourselves.  So choose to be better now and your life will shine for all to see for many years to come”     Joseph Pemberton

“life is not mesured by how many steps we take but what we become in our walk”

Joseph p.


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Returning the generations

This generation is going to stand in the source of the light and spread a new example of what the lord can do. But this all rides on what happens in the generational gaps that exist within a large church. We as a church must be together and rise up as one because the spirit of independence is ripping the church apart. We cannot expect to rise up in God without our authority. The older generation has this authority we choose to ignore its cause we are afraid to loose our control. The spiritual standing we have in our lives is only because the generation before us made the stand.

Standing on the edge of a revival that is going to grip the entire world the only thing that can stop us is making the stand alone. We must arise as a people of God with the intentions of the lord otherwise we stand alone. Ester in ester 4:12 this Girl changed the world but she never stop listening to the advice of Mordicai. She made a stand and completed it only because she aligned her self to her elder and listened to the lord. Even Ester was a little resistant to stand up to the call of God in her life. Without the wisdom of our elders we will only push down the call of God in our lives. Doing this causes complacency meaning knowing our place but being so caught up in where we are we do nothing.

In times like these a change must happen otherwise we go down and have nothing to bring us back again. There is a change happening right now in our lives we cant stop this change and it will make us better. In the past few years we have changed a lot But God is shaking us up a little bit more. We will see new faces and old ones finding places of power again. But in this we must not forget that we cannot do it without being aligned with our old generations. They have seen much hardship and much pain ask one of them what to do and there not going to lie. We are so used to doing it alone that life has become so hard we can barely move. God is calling us to a greater standing with him we need to be ready.

There are many people in this world dedicated to helping those in need our place is to remain doing this. Think of the elders as the police and firefighters of our every day life. They are on call to be there for us on a daily basis. They have been teens before so don’t you think they could teach us how to break free of the things in our lives. God has given us all something to hold onto let pride be the thing you give up. We have to be willing to say we just cant do it anymore. At these moment there are people who can rise up to help you. We have dropped the ball when it comes to this we need to be ready for everything coming cause it can be scary.

This brings us back to the point of being a generation without fear as this burning fireball generation. We can only get from point a to b by our positioning. We get killed bye our inability to think long term. The older generation thinks long term they have been praying for 20 30 and 40 years for what God is going to do in us. When we don’t see what God is doing we quit. However as revivalists we must think in a long term way. God has a lot of plans for us we are going to do them its starts with the first small steps. These little God calculated steps are a huge thing for the long term goal in our lives.

We have been called to do something so amazing what we do to get there determines how huge it can be. What if we saw our future and because of that made huge calculated risks so we could become what we were meant to be today. We don’t all have a huge set goal but God does and we need to shine in it. Our identity does not just come from the lord it comes from our parents. We cannot walk away from our identity we find this in our elders. What is spoken into our lives is what we become in our lives. When we position the older generation into us they name us spiritually. This is why we are so insecure in our lives cause we lack the identity that we can get from the ones who are more wise than us.

We need to be covered with the prayers of the people who stick in our lives as guardians in the church. They will stop the things that get sent bye the enemy. When we are humble grace comes from the lord to be humble we must submit to those above us. When there is grace in our lives our life just flows into the good things. With life we have 2 options 2 kings 2. If Elisha hadn’t aligned himself with Elijah the things that God did with him that would not have happened. You can stand up with the old generation or you can deny the knowledge of the old and lose everything. We cannot however loose sight of the gospel of the lord cause this is needed to become what we want from the lord.

Once we get a hold on what God has for us there is something that is going to change all over the world. People will begin to live as if they cannot be stopped like there invisible. How cool would it be if people all over the world were speaking about what God is doing. wouldn’t it be cool if the six o clock news was speaking about the health crisis from the premise of healing and miracles. Prayer can shift the world this way but the only way all this will happen is if we understand that we need each other. Each person needs the other that is why we are here. There is going to be a huge rise in miracles in this world and in you is where it starts.

What you want from the lord is coming all you must do is accept it and realize that people need love they need gospel and they need the world. Today all over the world people are fasting and praying cause the change is coming. It is up to you how big it gets. We are not part of this culture cause we are part of God but the focus of the opposites have always been the other side. We are attracted to what is different but if the other person is the same what have we got then. The attention of this world will change when we rise up as Christians cause we are the difference that they want. We are this light and the strength for all those involved we must work together. Let the words that the enemy says be what cause you to turn into something that cannot be stopped. The enemy sucks what he says sucks but we are made to rise against him. We are to make war that is our goal.

The enemy will fall we are what the lights are on we are the show its time to act cause there must be no doubt to what God is going to do in us. The enemy has the control we have the power to take it from him. I am not just going to stand while the waters rise all around me no today is the day to resist the enemy. Jesus resisted the devil in his first year of ministry. How much more can we do with the time God has given us now. Rise against temptation cause today is the day that all must come down and we must rise up. Cause the end is near and we must live the same ministry the lord did cause now is the war. The war has begun and now we are fighting strong. Jesus came with a violent love and we must do the same thing rise with a violent love to take down Satan.

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A new dream

Ok so the other day i had a dream and maybe i had to much pizza but it was freaking awesome. It starts in space im looking at the earth and i can see the moon two. sudenly the moon was struck bye a planet sized comet. This comet bounced of the moon and was herled toward earth. The dream moves to me asleep in bed and my wife trying to wake me up. She told me they put out an alert that a comet was going to strike earth. Fear became my closest friend when this happened. The comet hit the earth and scraped the oposite half of the earth that i was on.

From space it looked like the earth had been scared with fire but the earth was sent spiraling into the sun. in my dream my wife told me that God had told her only i have the calculation to save the world. This is funny cause i suck at math so this could only be a spiritual calculation. For about two days i worked on this as people where dieing of the heat all over the world. suddenly i figured it out the answer was that God loves us. As soon as i figured it out i heard the sound of a trumpet in the distance. Me and my wife ran out side to see what was going on.

As far as the eyes could see or every five foot section on earth there was an angel. These angels looked like man but when they turned there heads the had many other faces. It was almost as if they were out of faze with reality but still present. they all pointed too me and then to the sun which was taking up a larg portion of the sky at this point. Then they crossed there arms and hummed all at once you could feel it shake the earth when they did. The let out a scream and then plunged there hands into the earth with such force it was as if the earth wa breaking under them. And then the amazing happened wings came out of there back it wasnt wings of feather but of fine spun silk that they had. These wings stretched into the sky and caught the solar winds and began to move the earth.

As the earth moved the water all over the earth begain to rise into the air as if being called into the sky. when the earth came to rest the water came crashing down destroying everything in its path. Wherever there was an angel no water hurt the people and then all was calm. Earth was beautiful and everything was new i have never seen it so incredible. I was seeing people confused yet alive all over the earth.

Then all the angels pointed at me and a book that was red in color and lether bound apeared in my hand. I opened it it said in the begining. After that everypage was blank.

This dream means so much to me because its exciting and it points to the love of God as being are safety. In reality this is true God wants to protect us we just need to ask the right questions. Thank you for reading

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Position and power

IT has been a long time since the last time i wrote something.   Mainly due unto the fact that my words lacked inspiration.   This and other such facts have come to my attention in my time away.   So i would like to make amines for anytime away by offering a new more inspiring serious work.   in this work i would like to touch on many issues that we can have as people on this earth.   I’m doing this because we as a nation need a change and the changes come when the minority become the extraordinary.    It is only then that we can truly change the way people think and respond to the situations that we represent here.  If we are truly going to change the world we must forfeit all our pride and fear and become the minority and be that extraordinary influence on the world abroad.

section one

Ill begin by asking why do people on this earth give up stuff right on the peek of something good.   It’s like we have no thought or concern of what it means to have something right.   It is like we don’t want the good in life we only want the bad.   I have come to this conclusion because when something is going well we cut it off at its prime and start something new.  But really why do we do this cant there be a way out or a solution to this.

maybe this is the role of mankind to always be beginning but never completing.    Is it the truth that the only time we are not stuck in this infinite loop is when we die or choose to stop it.   Or is it true that stability comes to ones life when we come to know the lord.    It is my conclusion that we are mearly meant to live on this earth to find our purpose.   what if that’s it what then where do we go from here.

Is it possible that life is not real or maybe it the gateway to somewhere else if so where is the hallway or path.   Or maybe the gate is a door in a hallway with many doors and many possibility’s.   As i come to what seems to be the end of the worst and best years of my life.   The only thing of which i am certain is that God is the only way through that door.   And Jesus is the only way by which to find the door among the many doors and many possibility’s.

So i guess of the many things that remain inconstant and of all we could see.    The only true balance comes from faith.   But really we go through our entire lives without ever seeing a true constant truly the only constant in this life is our inconsistent nature.    we are really unpredictable and we cant judge whats gonna happen next but we can change the out come.    When we get comfortable where we are we need to move cause its then that we can grow the most in our lives.

I once told a young woman that it was time for her to start writing her own book in life.    i mean if she wants she can make a new chapter in her life and make it better than ever.    What if you went over your life as a book would you see the most amazing and inspiring novel with life altering and amazing words.   or would you see a tattered and empty paged book sitting in front of you waiting to be filled.     This concept would be an impossible notion to some but to others its the reality that they awake to every day.    What if the same book had many different covers all which represent positions of power that you hold or once held.   There are many different types ones with the most amazing colors and others that are full of holes.    and all others in between.    What would your cover look like.

See your cover depends on your influence over the people around you.    people can have great influence and still have a book full of holes.   This is symply because influence can be both good and bad.   Those with good influence will have nice covers and those with bad will have ugly and hole filled covers.    Hitler was a big influencer but his book in life was full of many holes.    A leader is not born there made you dont just get position you earn it and it takes time and blood sweat and tears.  this is only because the power to be a leader is in you it just has to be opened so you can see it.

When you decide to influence in any way you can begin to write in your book and make your incredible story a reality.   what is your story what makes you think.     Really if you think about it you can be whatever you want.   The possibilitys are endless so reamember have faith and all will balance out.

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